Connect with Load Boards

  • Find best loads and post driver availability: LoadOps automatically searches all connected load boards to find the best loads for each driver and allows them to post their drivers’ availability.
  • Market intelligence data: Use market intelligence data for lanes to find more profitable loads and guide negotiations with brokers and shippers.

Connect with ELDs

  • Track Hours of Service: Carriers can track remaining hours of service for all drivers, update their trip plans with the load appointments they can make and always find the best loads for every driver.
  • Track Location: All tractors and loads are easily viewed on maps. This helps carriers with load planning and track & trace.

Connect with Accounting Systems

  • QuickBooks: Carriers can sync all their TMS accounting data with QuickBooks, generate reports and get access to all of QuickBooks’ capabilities.
  • Fuel Cards: Improve driver settlement and expense reporting by integrating with APEX or RTS.

Intelligent Optimization

LoadOps is smart and capable of helping carriers in some intelligent ways.

  • Smart Load Selection: Find loads with the highest dollar per day or highest dollar per mile using an automated search of loads available in load boards.
  • Smart Trip Planning: Create schedule of drivers from pickups to delivery of loads. Calculate hour-by-hour trip plan of drivers considering their hours of service (HOS).
  • Smart Quote Evaluation: Find the best driver for any quote within seconds considering drivers’ HOS and current load assignments.