Who is GeTS

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a certified service provider for the U.S. Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Program. GeTS’ ACE Highway eManifest helps carriers and other trade participants save time by submitting eManifests to customs quickly and easily.

Highway carriers are required to send crew, trucks, trailer and shipment details to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before reaching the U.S. border. GeTS’ ACE Highway helps carriers file electronic manifest submissions to the CBP one hour in advance of truck arrival at the first U.S. port of entry.

Low value shipments (Section 321) can be uploaded quickly into the portal for rapid processing.

GeTS ACE Highway is an industry-leading eManifest filing solution that helps carriers meet CBP requirements, streamline eManifest processing, and improve regulatory compliance and cargo security.

Below are some of its value-added features:

  • Web-based and does not require software purchase or installation
  • Unlimited database storage for trucks, trailers, drivers and trade partners to facilitate automatic data population
  • Real-time notification alerts for all eManifest responses via mobile app, email, and SMS

Click HERE to watch a short video about GeTS.

Where Do Carriers Find These Options in DAT?

  • Load Board for Truckers side drawer
  • DAT One (Mobile) load search results (Coming Soon)
  • DAT One (Web) load search results (Coming Soon)

Identifying Opportunities to Refer Carriers to GeTS

Cross border services like what GetS offers could be used by any carrier that travels between Canada, the United States and Mexico. So that’s what you need to be looking for.

  • Got a carrier that is posting their truck into or out of Mexico or Canada?  That would be a great time to say start a conversation.  “How do you deal with all of the customs requirements when you cross the border?  I’ll bet that’s tough!” If they agree that it is tough, give a shout out to GeTS and their eManifest services.

  • Training a new carrier that is using our app?  Ask the question, “Do you do any cross border loads?” A yes answer is all you need to show them GeTS.

  • Are you talking to a carrier and you notice that a lot of their results are cross border (Canada/Mexico)?  Yet another great opportunity to mention GeTS eManifest services and how they can make customs SOOOOO much easier when crossing the border.

We are always looking at ways to teach customers how to use DAT’s services to get the most benefits from them.  This is yet another way we can do that, by sparking a carrier’s interest in GeTS.

Referring Carriers to GeTS

You can refer a carrier to GeTS by sending them an email directly through Salesforce using an email template.  Just let an interested carrier know that you will email them more information about GeTS and use the DAT and GeTS email template, located in the Partner Solutions template folder.

Our partnership with GeTS will help grow DAT’s revenue, but only if we do our part in letting carriers know who they are and what they do.