How does Ansonia/Equifax gauge a company's creditworthiness?

Equifax's Risk Score gauges a company’s creditworthiness on a number of criteria including:

  • the number of days-to-pay trends collected from data contributors*
  • alerts bankruptcies
  • collection agency activity
  • other credit indicators gathered from a number of sources.

Note: A data contributor is a company who extends trade credit to the shipper/broker including factoring companies, carriers, 3PLs, railroads, fuel, tires, etc) and is contributing payment history to Equifax Credit Data.

How can I dispute my Credit Score and Days to Pay?

If you believe inaccuracies exist on the current copy of your company’s credit report, the first step is to reach out directly to the contributor to resolve any disputes. Unlike a consumer credit report, data contributors on business credit reports are not identified by name, but you can generally figure out who they are by a process of elimination from looking at past due balance dates and balances.

If you can’t figure out who the contributor is, Equifax can reach out to them on your behalf to get their permission to release their name to you. If you still believe there is incorrect information on your report, you can submit a Data Verification Request to Equifax to review your report here;

Equifax Data Verification Request Link

Once a Data Verification Request is submitted, Equifax will take immediate action to start the process and, if necessary, reach out to a trade contributor to verify trade lines. 

The request will be sent immediately to the contributor however Equifax is contractually required to allow the contributor 15 days to research and respond. 

Equifax cannot release the name of a contributing party without their written consent and due to non-disclosure agreements, a contributing party ultimately retains the right to withhold their identify.

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