Making sure that your drivers stay compliant and drug-free is a vital part of setting up a trucking business for success and keeping the roads safe. When drivers and fleets partner with CleanFleet, they’ll help manage everything from driver qualification and testing to developing in-house policies and meeting FMCSA Clearinghouse requirements.  

  • CleanFleet partners with more than 5,000 collection sites across the U.S., each one held to our rigorous standardized processes.
  • You can depend on CleanFleet to provide accurate test results in as little as 24 hours.
  • Staying on top of all requirements can be complicated — especially if you’re not used to dealing with legalese.

For an idea of what CleanFleet can do, check out the following testimonial from Daniel O’Brien of O’Brien Trucking.

Coming across North Dakota, my wife called that I received a drug test notification in the mail. Called CleanFleet for the closest collection site. They had one in Fargo, ND. Walked in. They not only were expecting me but CleanFleet had already sent them all the paperwork and everything was taken care of quickly. Within two hours of my wife’s call, I was done and back on the road. Thank you CleanFleet!

Click HERE to see the drug testing requirements for drivers.