The DAT Directory includes a profile page for each office of a company. Use the search forms on this page to locate the offices of other DAT users. To find a list of offices for a specific company, use the Quick Search function at the top of any page.

  1. Select the identifier you want to use: MC#, DOT#, Intrastate#, Phone or FAX
  2. Enter the appropriate number (enter just the numeric portion, do not enter prefix or state)
  3. Click Go

If your search results in only 1 office profile, you will be directed to that profile page. Otherwise, you will be taken to the Search Results screen.

Up to 3 other search forms are available. Simply enter your criteria and click "Search". You can mix and match as many criteria as you like. For the best results include as much information as you know about the office. To search by name, enter the first few (minimum 3) characters of the name in the box provided. For larger companies it is best to include the company name as well as the city, state and/or postal code of the office you are trying to locate.

Click Find a specific office so I can write a review to see offices which you are able to review. For instance, if you are broker the search will return only carriers. This form is hidden if you do not have permission to write Customer Reviews.

Click Find a specific office so I can read reviews to find a specific office so you can read reviews left by others. This form is hidden if you do not have permission to read Customer Reviews.

Click Find potential new business partners to search the DAT Directory for carriers or brokers by geographic area. For instance, all carriers domiciled within 200 miles of Houston, Texas. This form is available to all users. To search by location enter a city and/or state. If you do not enter a radius, DAT Directory will look for an exact match to the city name. To search for offices in multiple states, hold the control key down while selecting the states from the drop down.

DAT Directory will provide up to a maximum of 500 results that fit your criteria.