CarrierWatch comes equipped with an alias search which can help you spot companies that have used the same information, like address and phone, to start up a new company. A company that reinvents themselves after shutting down, also known as a chameleon, often raises a red flag to those viewing them.

A company that repeatedly closes down and reopens with new authority and a new name draws suspicion as that can be a sign of past fraudulent behavior.

To help in identifying those companies, use the Alias Search located in CarrierWatch or the DAT Directory.

  1. From either of these services, locate the company you would like to research
    Note: Click into full page mode as the option is not available when not viewing the full page
  2. From the General Information section, click the Alias Search link
  3. Review the left column for possible matches

In this example, the company phone number that is in question, appears as the same phone number for another company, showing that there is indeed an alias.

The alias will look by the phone number, the fax number and the address to find potential matches.