Can I change my nickname?

No, once your nickname has been chosen, it is permanent and cannot be changed.

Can I remove or change a review I wrote?

Reviews can only be removed by submitting a 2nd review. The first review will be replaced by the new one.

Can I reply to reviews left for other offices within my company?

Large companies that have several offices in the DAT Directory can designate users to reply to reviews for any office. If you have such permission, you will see a Manage Reputation tab in the top level navigation. The Reviews tab for these users lists all the offices that have reviews. To view that office's profile page, click on the name of the office. To view all the reviews for that office, click the button labeled See Reviews. To reply to any review, click the Comment link under the review content.

Can I report a review or comment as inappropriate?

Yes. Under any review, click the link report inappropriate content, enter text to describe the issue and click submit. Reviews that are reported as inappropriate by several users will be moderated again.

Can I see who requested a review?

Yes. To view the requests your office received, click Review Requests or Manage Reputation, then Inbox.

How can I see all the reviews I wrote?

To view all your reviews, click on the Manage Reputation or Review Requests tab and then the link Show all reviews by me. A new browser tab or window will open showing all the content you have contributed.

How can I reply to a review?

To reply to a review, locate the review in question and click the Comment button after the review. It is recommended you think carefully and read the comment guidelines before replying to any reviews.