Typically, reviews are rejected because they do not follow the DAT review guidelines.

Here are the top 5 reasons reviews are rejected:

  1. The review references pricing including but not limited to, detention fees, TONU fees, deductions, agreed upon rate, and rate negotiation dollar amounts. 
  2. The review references personally identifiable information such as a first and last name, email address, or phone number for a particular person.
  3. The review is overtly controversial, accusatory or could be viewed as libelous.
  4. The review does not have enough information and is vague without much detail
  5. The review references other products that are not part of the DAT family, or is about DAT's customer service. 
    • NOTE: If you do have feedback for us on ways to improve our products or customer service, please feel free to contact us. 

If your review was rejected, you can still write a new one. Simply log into your load board product, click on DAT Directory, find the company that you wish to review and write a new one that is specific to your experience. If you need any additional assistance on how to to about this, feel free to contact our support department.