The process for registering a load with Assurance is as follows:

  • Day 1: A carrier customer conducts a load search, chooses a load and if the load qualifies, registers it with the Assurance Program. The carrier submits Collections Services Agreement to DAT agreeing to Terms and Conditions of the Assurance Program.

  • Day 45: Carrier customer is sent 45-Day reminder email requesting notification if the debt on the load has been paid. Customer notifies DAT Solutions that debt is not yet paid.

  • Day 60: Load registration period expires. Customer has 15 days to respond, indicating if the debt was paid or not. Collections Services Agreement must be signed and submitted to DAT. The customer *must* change the status from "In process" to "In collections" if not paid after Day 60. Customer must update status within 15 days otherwise no collections will be started.

  • Between days 60 to 75: If payment is past due, update the status of the load, to "In collections," DAT Solutions will then send load registration information to Debt Recovery Resources with notification that the debt has been assigned for collection. Debt Recovery Resources attempts to collect debt for Carrier customer for 60 days after the debt is assigned to collection.

  • Day 120: Debt Recovery Resources notifies DAT Solutions that debt hasn't been collected from the Broker. Carrier customer is then issued a credit from DAT Solutions up to $1,000 based on customer's subscription level. Debt Recovery Resources will continue to attempt collections on the carrier's behalf beyond Day 120 and will issue a credit to the carrier upon collection, less any credits provided to you by DAT.