The customer performs a load search, finds a load they are going to haul, highlights or double clicks on the load and clicks on Assure It symbol (Power)

or the A icon (Express / TruckersEdge) to register the load. 


Fill out the Register a Load form( required fields are displayed with a red dot next to them )

1. Managing Assured loads

  • Click on manage loads from the DAT Assurance page
  • Click on Load ID number to add or correct any information on the load

2. Updating the status of assured loads

  • Click on Manage Loads from the DAT Assurance screen.
  • Under Actions click to update the status.
  • Paid button: Click here to show that the check has been received ( Status on the load will change from In Process to Paid The customer has 24 hours to undo the Paid status )
  • Collect button: This button will appear after 60 days has passed since the load was registered.  Select this option to notify us that we need to start collection procedures on this load.  ( Status will change on the load from In Process to In Collections )
  • Changing Status Internally: We are able to change the status on an Assurance claim with a status of In Collection
  • Pull up the customer’s account in Siebel
  • Click on the TransCore Assurance tab
  • Select Credit/Tools and click on Manage Assurances
  • Locate the load and select the appropriate status. Paid, Collect or Void.

3. Filling a claim

  • Go to the manage loads screen and click on the collect button
  • Customer needs to have the Collection Services Agreement on file with us before collection process can be continued. ( Located at the bottom of the DAT Assurance page. )
  • TransCredit will contact the company within 3 business days after the load has been put into collections. (See Lesson 3 for complete Claim procedure.)

4. Rules

  • 45 day email is sent out to customer
  • 62nd day customer is sent an email asking if the debt has been paid The customer has 15 days to respond, if no response the load registration is voided.
  • 68th day the customer is contacted by TransCredit and given 15 days to provide the correct Documentation to TransCredit or load registration is voided.

5.  Notification emails

  • 45 Day email
  • 60 day email