There are 16 general guidelines that are applied to all DAT customers.

  1. PRI:  Price References
  2. CSN:  Customer Service Issues
  3. LI: Legal Interest
  4. FL: Review is in a Foreign Language
  5. PII:  Personally Identifiable Information
  6. URL: Content contains a URL for a website other than the client’s
  7. IMG: Content contains an inappropriate photo or video
  8. SPM: Content is Spam, Fraudulent, or a duplication of another piece of content
  9. GIU: Generally Inappropriate/Unusable content
  10. VAC:  Vacuous Content
  11. WP: Wrong Product Link
  12. DBA: Directing Business Away
  13. PRF:  Profanity
  14. UA:  Underage Users
  15. PUX:  Purchase/User Experience