This page helps you to manage the list of carriers that are being monitored on your behalf. The information on this page is visible to, and may be used by, any person logged in under your account.

Watchlist Size

You can monitor an unlimited number of carriers at the basic level. If you have a premium subscription, you can also monitor a limited number of carriers at the premium level (insurance). At the top of the page, you can see how many premium slots are being used and how many are still available.

If you need more premium slots, you can:

  • Call us to upgrade your subscription
  • Remove some carriers from your watchlist
  • Downgrade some carriers to basic monitoring only. (Hybrid Watch lists only)

You can perform a variety of activities from this page:

  1. To upload a list of carriers to be monitored, click Upload Carrier List
  2. To download information about your carriers, click Download Watchlist
  3. To list all of the carriers on your watch list, click Search
  4. To find a specific carrier, or carriers enter the parameters in the boxes provided and click Search
  5. To see the next page of 100 carriers click Next
  6. To see the previous page of 100 carriers click Prev
  7. To remove one or more carriers from your watch list, check the boxes at the beginning of each row and click Remove Selected Carriers. By clicking in the box in the header row your can check or uncheck all of the rows on the page.
  8. To see detailed information about a specific carrier, click on their name.
  9. To see their authority click on the docket number.

Note: If your TMS is integrated with CarrierWatch by way of an automatic upload and download, you will not be able to add or remove carriers via this web site.