CarrierWatch will provide up to 500 results to any search. If you receive more than 500 results you may want to go back and refine your search parameters. Any carriers that are already on your watch list will be displayed with an icon resembling a pair of binoculars.

To get a printed copy of the search results list, click Print Results.

To see the details for a company, click on the entry in the list on the left.

Actions available from the Preview Pane

  1. Add/remove the carrier from your watchlist
  2. Print a time-stamped copy of the details for you records
  3. Save a time-stamped copy of the details in PDF format for your records
  4. Display the selected carrier in full page mode (Warning: Some browsers will not let you come back to the search results page if you do this)
  5. Click on the docket number to see this carriers information in the FMCSA Licensing and Insurance web site (opens a new browser window or tab)
  6. Click on the DOT number to visit this carrier's entry on the safer website
  7. Click the watchdog link to see if there are any reports on this carrier
  8. Click on the SafeStat link to this carrier’s details on the SafeStat online website
  9. Click on the ISS Recommendations to see whether or not this carrier is recommended for a compliance review
  10. Click on the certificate icon, to see the carrier's insurance certificate
  11. Click on the AM Best icon to check out the carriers insurance underwriter