To find a specific carrier, use the Quick Search function at the top of any page.

  1. Select the identifier you want to use: MC#, DOT#, Intrastate#, Phone or FAX
  2. Enter the appropriate number (enter just the numeric portion, do not enter prefix or state)
  3. Click Go

Use the search form on this page to find carriers that fit into more general criteria. Simply enter your criteria and click Search. You can mix and match as many criteria as you like.

  1. To search by name, enter the first few characters of the name in the box provided
  2. To search by location enter a city and/or state. If you do not enter a radius, CarrierWatch will look for an exact match to the city name
  3. To search for carriers in multiple states, hold the control key down while selecting the states from the drop down
  4. You can further limit the results by specifying a minimum safety rating, a minimum amount of cargo insurance coverage and a minimum number of power units
  5. To search for carriers with particular equipment, use ctrl+click to select one or more equipment class
  6. To search for carriers by type of freight, click in one or more of the commodity boxes
  7. To search for carriers which operate in particular states, use ctrl+click to select one or more operating states. Or click a zone to select all operating states in that zone automatically.

Results for items selected for criteria 5, 6 and 7 above will only include carriers whom have reported data to DAT about their equipment, commodities hauled and operating states. Choosing more than one item from these lists will return carriers which match any of the values selected. If items are selected from more than one of the filters for equipment classes, commodities and/or operating states, carriers must match at least one value in each list to be returned in the results.

CarrierWatch will provide up to a maximum of 500 results that fit your criteria.